Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year, Christopher was a purple dragon for Halloween. He didn't seem to mind the costume and had fun trick-or-treating with all his cousins. Also, instead of sending out separate slideshows to people who want to buy some of the pictures, I started uploading them to this website where it is just one step to share them in slideshows and they can be bought. But I'll keep posting some of my favorites on his blog so I can update too. There really isn't much new, I'm looking forward to Christmas already although it isn't Thanksgiving yet. Today Christopher got a little fish he seems to like. He REALLY liked the rabbit in the store but there's no way!

Ready to go!

Taking a break from trick or treating.

Running with his favorite cousin Jacob.

He likes to walk around in our shoes!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Fall!

To celebrate the start of the fall season, we went with some friends to farm where we could pick pumpkins and take Christopher on a hayride. He had a good time! Chris bought a big pumpkin he's going to carve and leave on our front porch.

Christopher is 15 months old now and is doing well. He is still pretty picky with eating dinner, so we give him plenty of food in the first part of the day. He likes waffles and eggs with lots of syrup for breakfast, and he actually loves the vegetable juice from V8 that also has fruit juice in it, so that's great. I've been making him banana bread with lots of banana which he likes also. But as far as plain old vegetables, not lately. He used to love them with meat and he's been refusing them lately. I ordered Deceptively Delicious which is a cookbook that gives you recipes that have lots of vegetables that kids like, so I hope to get some ideas from it.

School is very busy this semester for me, but it looks like I should be applying to internships next Fall. Below are some pictures from our pumpkin picking day. Have a good one!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Here's a few pictures from our visit to Chris' parents' new place a few weeks ago.

Christopher is doing a new trick grammy taught him, which is puckering his lips.

Here we're at my friend Deanna's BBQ

Not much new going on, school starts for me this week. My first class is Thursday. I'm eager to get the semester started and make progress towards graduation. I'll be taking comps in the spring which is a two-week period where you are given 4 questions to write papers about. I haven't finalized the topic areas I'll do my questions on yet, that's what I'm working on this semester. Its an extremely stressful process, I've run into people during those 2 weeks and they look really exhausted! It seems terrible! Then you also do the oral comps 2 weeks later. I look forward to getting them over with next spring.

Its been a pretty nice summer with lots of trips to the beach and the park. Christopher and I just got back from there where he had a playdate with his friend Jacob, whose mother was in my prenatal class. Yesterday, Chris and I were both off for labor day and took Christopher on an exciting adventure to Petsmart to look at the fish - its like the zoo to a one-year old! He liked the fish and birds.

Have a good week!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi everyone, Christopher is now 14 months old and is doing great. I can't believe the summer is almost over but am actually looking forward to school starting. Below are some pictures of our first trip to the aquarium in Mystic. He seemed to like looking at the animals.

Here Chris was making him laugh during a snack. Lately he's been super picky with eating dinner, and sometimes lunch. It doesn't matter what it is, he has just been fighting eating. Hopefully its a short phase! The pediatrician said its common at this age for toddlers to start asserting their independence and refusing to do things they don't want to do!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sorry I'm not as good about posting lately! Christopher is doing great and is walking like a pro on his own. We're looking forward to spending a week at the beach in a couple weeks with Chris' parents, Christopher really likes the beach. We've gone a lot this summer and last time he held our hands and walked right on in the water to his waist!

What a doll... Christopher and his new friend, Andy.

Fascinated by his cousin's doll...

Chris took our nephew Jacob fishing for his birthday, good catch!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Christopher has been up to a lot since I've last updated this site. The biggest thing is that he's now officially a toddler! He's walking for short periods of time alone, but much longer if you hold his hands. He can walk forever if you hold his hands, but alone I think he doubts himself. Below are a few pics from his first birthday party.

He liked his presents. This was a popper from grammy.

He loved being pulled around in his new wagon from grandma.

Here's his cake I made.

His first taste of cake, we discovered he has a real sweet tooth.

Yesterday we got back from going to a conference in D.C. for my work. We did some site seeing and while I was at the conference during the day, Chris & Christopher hung out at the hotel and went in the pool.

Chris & Christopher came down to visit me when I presented my poster. Here are a couple of other students that work for my boss.

Free Haagen-Daaz at the conference, he was in heaven!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lots of pictures to share!

Christopher enjoying his new slide, he closes his eyes and cracks up going down...

He likes trying on my sunglasses...

and helping empty the laundry basket...

a Mother's Day family photo...

Hanging out with grammy....

He likes getting pushed around his mini-bike...

Hanging out with grandpa...

More fun on the slide...